Real Opportunities for Adult Online Education – The White Paper

This report presents a general analysis of the status of online learning in Finland, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Romania. The goal of this document is to equip librarians and other educators who work with adults with the knowledge and mindset to guide their audiences through online learning opportunities and empower them to respond to people’s various educational needs. The authors envisage that the report will also serve as an inspiration for policy makers, decision makers and local leaders who seek innovative and inclusive ways to make online education more accessible for adults and to use its values for social good.

Ano: 2020
Autor(es): Tuulikki Alamettälä, Ovidiu Ana, Camelia Crisan, Dorothea Fellmann, Teresa Gonçalves, Noemi Gryczko, Piotr Henzler, Nicole James, Piia Keihäs, Agnieszka Koszowska, Jacek Królikowski, Cláudia Lopes, Grif Peterson, Isabel Soares
Editora: Learning Circles in Libraries

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